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Prototyping Smart Mirror — UX Case Study

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Description:As most of use were Mac users, we did not take into account the possibility that the users would not know what each icon meant. By using applications installed in the mirror, the user can also listen to music, answer a call, and perform numerous other activities. For the second and third sketches, we brainstormed ideas as a group to specify on what kind of information should be displayed on the mirror. Implementation We found some YouTube videos of people who had already created similar products and went through similar steps. Customized music or news articles after facial and emotional recognition; the means of interaction with the mirror, for example, physically tapping the mirror. We also considered accessibility issue and concluded that having multiple options to interact with the device would help the product reach a broader audience, who may have weak sight or difficulty of speaking. We learned that taking a second look at the ideas is important, as we did not see any problems with those ideas when we first thought of them.

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